The story of a repeat criminals‘reintegration trappedd in a vicious circle. After years spent in Slovakia’s best guarded prison, you are out. The everyday drill you were bound to obey changes overnight. You know that none of your inmates ever managed to bounce back out there. Fifteen or twenty years from behind the bars go amiss. Once out, you are empty-handed. No money earned. No family left, no home either. Finally free, you have no idea how to find a bus stop or how to go home. You don’t have one, in fact. Your former friends have a status, a job, a place to live, a wife and children, but you have to start from the scratch. Baffled, you observe what’s new to you, women, cars, smartphones, fashion – all of it has changed, but you remain the same. You learn to use a mobile, to catch up. You apply for a job, but your record is as long as a Tesco roll. Prison has become your home.